Canadian Immigration, Citizenship and wide range of Canadian Visa Application Processing Services

We provide a wide variety of Canada Visa Immigration Services

  • We make Free Online Assessment of your qualifications for all kinds of Canada Visa Immigration applications. Please, fill up our online assessment form and also send us the copy of your resume. We would assess your credentials and would make our final determination about your chances of success;
  • We follow up and provide unlimited consultations until you are satisfied that we have made a best choice for you. We support our evaluation by relevant Canada immigration law so thta you can make an informed decision. Then it is your choice to retain our services for your prospective application for Canadian Visa. At that stage, you can sign a Retainer Agreement with us and become our client;
  • We prepare your forms and thoroughly evaluate your supporting documents and then advise you to prepare documents in a way that they are acceptable to Canada immigration authorities. We can also provide documents that are not found on citizenship and immigration Canada’s like FBI and other fingerprint forms;
  • We prepare official submission letter to the immigration office based on the immigration law, court cases and current immigration policy which helps the visa officer to make a positive decision in your favor;
  • We also request CAIPES notes from citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) for those clients that have already submitted their application or have ever submitted an application for Canada immigration in any category. These notes are permanent computer record that are created for every applicant and that contain vital information about the applicant;
  • We communicate with the visa office on your behalf;
  • We prepare you for the interview if required;
  • We can also help you for your settlement in Canada like search for a job, accommodations, general orientation in Canadian life style, banking, school system, etc.

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