Biometrics deadline extended from 30 to 90 days

Biometrics deadline extended from 30 to 90 days. Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that the applicants who were required to provide biometrics within 30 days at a biometric collection centre now have a total of 90 days.

All biometrics appointments in Canada and the United States (Application Support Center) are cancelled until further notice

You’ll have to make a new appointment at a Service Canada office or a U.S. Application Support Center (ASC) when they start collecting biometrics again.

Walk-in biometrics collection is not available at any Service Canada office or ASC. Check the ASC page for updates on closures.

You now automatically have 90 days (instead of 30) to submit your biometrics. You don’t need to request this extension.

Some visa application centres (VACs) are temporarily closed. If you have a biometrics appointment scheduled at a VAC, check the VAC website before you go.

IRCC further advised to please take note of the following updates:

  • Due to service disruptions at Service Canada locations, Visa Application Centres (VACs) and Application Support Centers (ASCs), you may not be able to give your biometrics.
  • Given the ongoing service disruptions, we are now automatically giving you 90 days from the date on the letter (instead of 30) to give your biometrics.
  • This means you don’t need to worry about meeting the 30-day timeline indicated in your biometrics instruction letter. Your application will not be refused if you are unable to give your biometrics before the 30 days are over.
  • You don’t have to contact us to get this extension.
  • You will have to make a new appointment when service centers start collecting biometrics again.
  • You will not need a new biometrics instruction letter for a future appointment.
  • We invite you to consult the IRCC website regularly to stay informed:

On this webpage,, you will find the latest updates and to find out when VAC, Service Canada locations and ASC services resume.

On this webpage,, for other information that could help those who have been affected by disruptions related to the novel corona virus.

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