Invitation to Apply

The ITA is an auto-generated correspondence issued to Express Entry candidates through their online account. The ITA is issued to candidates who rank the highest in a round of invitations, based on their score in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Candidates with a provincial or territorial nomination certificate are awarded an additional 600 points in the CRS and are normally invited to apply at the next round of invitations to which they are eligible.

When there is a general round of invitations, and a candidate appears eligible for multiple classes (e.g., the federal skilled worker class and the Canadian experience class), the system automatically invites the candidate to apply under one of the classes in the following order:

    provincial nominee class (PNC);

    Canadian experience class (CEC);

    federal skilled worker class (FSWC);

    federal skilled trades class (FSTC).

Upon receipt of an ITA, a candidate has 60 calendar days to do one of the following:

  1. Submit a complete application for permanent residence (APR) in their online account. This includes providing all supporting documentation up front.
  2. Decline the ITA in their online account, if the candidate is not ready to apply within 60 calendar days of receiving the ITA or if they believe that a change in their circumstance has made them ineligible to be invited. In this case, the candidate’s profile will become “active” in the pool for the remaining days of the profile’s validity and the candidate will be considered for future rounds of invitations, as long as they continue to meet the MEC.

If the candidate does not respond to the ITA (i.e., the candidate does not submit a complete APR within 60 calendar days of receiving the ITA and does not formally decline the ITA within this delay), the ITA will expire and the candidate will no longer be in the Express Entry pool. To re-enter the pool, the candidate must submit a new profile in their online account and be assessed for the MEC at that time.

 You can improve your chances of getting an ITA by improving your Express Entry profile score to compete with the candidates in the Express Entry Pool.

You can improve your score by following ways:

  • Contact provinces and territories to be considered for the Provincial Nominee Program.
  • Secure a valid job offer in Canada.
  • Improve your language skills.
  • Improve your education.
  • Get more relevant work experience.

After the issuance of ITA to you:

  • Have 90 days to apply for permanent residence;
  • Need to submit all the required documents and fees to complete your application for permanent residence.

Your application will take 6 months (or less) to process if it is complete and accurate. If your application for permanent residence is successful, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and/or a Permanent Residence Visa.