Skilled Workers

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada herein referred to as IRCC uses Express Entry as online system to manage applications for Skilled Workers. You can not apply directly in the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Express Entry is the only way you can apply as a Skilled Worker.Provinces and territories also select candidates from the Express Entry Pool in order to meet their local labour needs.

Federal Skilled workers are selected based on their skills and ability to contribute to Canada’s economy. Federal Skilled Worker applications are assessed based on an applicant’s ability to become economically established upon immigration to Canada.

Express Entry is an online system to manage applications for the following three economic immigration programs:

Your first step is to check your eligibility for Skilled workers program and also for Express Entry. We can assess your eligibility for theses programs. Please complete our free online immigration assessment form provided on top of home page. There is no cost and no obligation to fill this form. This will enable us to assess your scope for Canadian immigration. All information collected through this form is used for your immigration application assessment only.

We would assess your application against specific eligibility criteria. You can hire our services if you are deemed to have met the eligibility criteria. We would then submit your profile into Express Entry pool. If your profile is accepted then it will be in the Express Entry pool for up to 1 year. We would monitor your profile up to 1 year or up the issuance of an “invitation to apply” (ITA). Those candidates whose profiles align with the identified needs of the government, as well as, that  of certain Canadian employers, will be issued an “invitation to apply” (ITA). Only those candidates who receive invitations can then proceed to apply for permanent residence.

An online Express Entry profile is based on following factors:

  • skills work experience
  • language ability
  • education and
  • other details that will help in assessing eligibility

The applicants who registered online will be ranked by the “Comprehensive Ranking System” (CRS) on the factors mentioned above. Applicants that have a job offer or have a provincial nomination will receive additional points. All applicants in the EE pool will be granted points (maximum of 1200) based on the following factors:

  • Skills and work experience (up to 500 points)
  • Spouse or common-law partner factors (such as their language skills and education -up to 40 additional points but still a maximum of only 500 points)
  • Skills transferability (including education and work experience that, when combined, improve  his or her chances of being employed, and earning a higher wage  – up to 100 points)
  • Additional 50 points for those with a valid job offer in Skill type A or B
  • Additional 200 points for those with a valid job offer in Skill level 00 which are top Management occupations
  • Additional 600 points with a nomination from a Canadian province or territory

In order to become eligible for Express Entry,  the applicants must attain at least 67 points based on Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) immigration selection factors for Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) applicants.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

You have paid work experience in Skill type 0, Skill Level A or B of National Occupation Classification (NOC) for at one year within the last 10 years

You must take an approved language test in English or French in all four abilities with a minimum score 0f 6.

If you have foreign education, you must have:

  • a completed education credential assessment from a recognized institution in Canada equivalent to at least high school

You must show that you have enough money for you and your family to settle in Canad.

You must be admissible to Canad as well.

Please visit our exclusive web page in order to know complete details about the Selection Factors for Canada Federal Skilled Worker